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Important functions previously nonexistent arise. Some linger long in the childish stage and advance late or slowly, while others push on with a sudden outburst of impulsion to early maturity.

Children of older mothers have fewer behavioral, social and emotional difficulties

Bones and muscles lead all other tissues, as if they vied with each other, and there is frequent flabbiness or tension as one or the other leads. The momentum of heredity often seems insufficient to enable the child to achieve this great revolution and come to complete maturity, so that every step of the upward way is strewn with wreckage of body, mind, and morals.

There is not only arrest but perversion at every stage, and hoodlumism, juvenile crime, and secret vice seem not only increasing, but develop in earlier years in every civilized land. Modern life is hard, and in many respects increasingly so, on youth. Home, school, church, fail to recognize its nature and needs and, perhaps most of all, its perils.

The cohesions between the elements of personality are loosened by the disparities of both somatic and psychic development, and if there is arrest at any stage or in any part before the higher unity is achieved, there is almost sure to be degeneration and reunion on a lower level than before. Portrait of a Young Man , by Agnolo Bronzino, c. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, H. Havemeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. The functions of every sense undergo reconstruction, and their relations to other psychic functions change, and new sensations, some of them very intense, arise, and new associations in the sense sphere are formed.

The voice changes, vascular instability, blushing, and flushing are increased. Thus the foundations of domestic, social, and religious life are oftenest undermined. Between religion and love, God and nature have wrought an indissoluble bond so that neither can attain normality without that of the other. Secondary sexual qualities are shown to have an ever-widening range, and parenthood to mean more with every upward step of development.

The youth craves more knowledge of body and mind, which can help against besetting temptations, aid in the choice of a profession, and if his intellect is normal he does not vex his soul overmuch about the logical character of the universe or the ultimate sanction of either truth or virtue.

Emotional Maturity (1958)

He is more objective than subjective, and only if his lust to know nature and life is starved does his mind trouble him by ingrowing. There are new repulsions felt toward home and school, and truancy and runaways abound. Especially, the adolescents who are observed to be highly emotional in their dealings need to be studied.

As adolescents are the future and pillars of nation, so it is important to study their emotional maturity. J Mudalitsa in submitted his dissertation on An Evaluation of the Zambian Secondary School Religious Education Syllabi in which he discussed twelve dimensional model of Religious Education which according to him, seem to integrate the best of education and religion.

He observes that Religious Education is integral He looks at Religious Education from a wider perspective. From his work it has been revealed that Religious Education exposes pupils to worthwhile experiences on which they can reflect. This is what my study is trying to explore. Such kind of knowledge would empower girls who are looked upon as inferior to boys to fend off the various forms of gender discrimination they might be exposed to in the school system and life in general.

The Nature of Psychological Maturity - Paul Rosenfels - Google книги

Edward William Benjamin show that there is a positive relationship between religious attitude and emotional maturity of student teachers. Objectives The main objectives of study were as under: 1. To measure Emotional maturity in college boys and girls. To measure Religiousness in college boys and girls.

To measure correlation between Emotional Maturity and Religiousness.

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Null-Hypothesis To related objectives of this study, null hypothesis were as under: 1. There is no significance difference on Emotional maturity in college boys and girls. There is no significance difference on Religiousness in college boys and girls. There is no correlation between Emotional Maturity and Religiousness. Out of students 60 boys and 50 girls were taken with purposive method.

Six Levels of Emotional Maturity

Participants were taken in Rajkot city Gujarat. This scale was developed by Dr. Mahesh Bhargava The scale consisted of 48 items, each was to be rated on five point scale. The Validity of this scale was very high and the reliability of the scale was determinate by 1 Test-retest method and 2 Internal consistency. This has been reported 0.

Religiousness scale: Religious value scale by Dr. The scale is translated in Gujarati without changing the original item. Religious value scale contains 40 statements. Read the statement carefully and put the right mark in the box of the response that suits you most. Reliability coefficient by Test- Retest method with a gap of one month was 0. Factorial validity coefficient was 0. Procedure for data collection. In this study purposive sampling used. Initial meeting with the participants was made at different colleges. Total students were taken.

Out of , 60 boys and 60 girls were selected. They were informed about the purpose of the study. Upon initial meeting, each participants was also explained the nature of the study. Participants were informed about the confidentiality regarding information collected from them. A time for data collection was set up that was conducive for the participants. Before administering the scale, the purpose of the study was again explained to the participants.

A good rapport was build with the participant for getting correct response. Some necessary instruction and guidelines were provided to them properly filling the scale. After this the both scale were provided to them and they were requested to fill up the both scales as per the instructions given in the scales. After completion of the scale participants returned the scale and they were thanked for their participation and co-operation. Emotional Maturity Research design The aim of present research was to study of Emotional Maturity and religiousness among college students.

For these total students were taken as a sample. Out of students 60 were boys and 60 were girls. Two scales were used for measuring Emotional Maturity and religiousness. First was Dr. Yashvir singh and Dr. To check Difference between Means t-test was to apply and to check correlation between Emotional Maturity and religiousness Karlperson correlation method was used.

Emotional and Spiritual Maturity: What’s the difference? (Part I of II)

Result and Discussion of this research is as under. Result and Discussion The present study attempted to assess the Emotional Maturity and Religiousness among college students. For these total Students were taken as a sample. The data were selected by purposive method in Rajkot Gujarat-India. The t-test was applied for the purpose of statistical interpretation to test the significance of different between means. Result and discussion for the present study are as follows: Insert ResultTable-1 about here A close look at Result Table 1 indicates that In Emotional Maturity mean of Boys received Standard deviation of Boys Received Girls are emotional Mature as compare boys.

So we can say that first hypothesis was rejected, because significance difference can be seen. Female do mature faster than Male. Female brains develop faster than male. Female have mature brains at about 20, male at around This fact does not affect the abilities or character of either; other factors affect those and are not gender specific. It's not a matter of maturing faster. Male and female mature in different ways, and also much of that relies on the individual's personality.

We can't just make a general statement that says "girls mature faster than boys," or vice versa, because in many cases it isn't true. Often these surveys are done with 50 or people and then applied to the group as a whole. It's hardly an accurate measurement. Some Character of Emotional Mature People is Substitution of harmless for harmful modes of expressing emotion, Learning to react to emotional situations objectively, Learning to accept criticism without hurt feelings, learning to face things that are unpleasant instead of running away from them, Elimination of childish fears and anxieties.

Girls have more religiousness Values as compare boys. So we can say that Second hypothesis was rejected, because significance difference can be seen. This is because women think more with their hearts and minds and think before they make a big decision. This is also because they can bear a child which is a gift from God to the woman herself, to bear Life, the very thing that God only can do, this direct connection brings the women closer to God.

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She believed that marriage is worshipping God's ability to create. Male on the other hand, run more physically. This is why a man has more problems following the religious laws like: -Not having adultery, Respecting God and his places of worship, Sex before marriage the initiator , Bad words to others, not listening to good advice, not honoring the parents by taking their advice, Not respecting women, their sisters in religion.

Boys are more likely to want sex than a girls, because he has urges. It has nothing to do with female "seeing the parents do something and will do it". Why it are when parents are bad sinners, a child might end up being believer? This has nothing to do with parent or child.

Both they learn from lessons before they are satisfied, but because a male is more likely to be stubborn and prefer to take the hit and fall down before he realizes something is wrong, he is less likely to come into religion as the girls, who are naturally more careful in matters of Life and religion. So Third Hypothesis was rejected. Conclusion Result shows that girls are Emotional Mature and more Religiousness as compare boys. Correlation is positive between Emotional Maturity and Religiousness. Limitations This study is not without its limitations, which should be noted.

The present investigation was carried out under the following delimitations. So generalization of the result might be unfelt here.

There for in this practical world all persons take differently and act differently. Emotional Maturity - 12 - References Aleem, S. Emotional stability among college youth, Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, 31 : Arya, A. Emotional maturity and value of superior children in family, Ph.