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First, she had been abducted by a peer of the realm, released, then in less than a few hours she had arrived in London for the post of governess, been cast off without a sou, walked the streets of London alone, been pursued by a young gentleman, met a man of bad character who might have led her onto a path of ruination, saved by a rich and fashionable couple in their velvet-lined coach and was even now being taken to her mad Aunt Ellingham where she expected to be treated appallingly - maybe even sent to the kitchen to live a life of servitude.

Like every heroine she had ever read about, Felicity had suffered In this sparkling Regency romance, we follow the suddenly-poor relation, Felicity as she meets an unforgettable set of characters. Just when her good fortune seems assured, due to the kind acts of Lady Aurora and Mr Wilbert Fenton, an earlier adventure with the Viscount of Durant is given an evil twist by his cousin and her reputation is damaged.

Even Felicity's indomitable spirit of cheerfulness and kindness is almost overset, but her new friends have plans to save her. The Viscount is at a loss to help her, being recently engaged to his dear friend Anne Clarence. But he falls under the spell of Felicity's bravery and kindness, and a tangle of feelings occurs that it seems impossible to resolve Revisiting some favourite characters from Honoria and the Family Obligation, by public demand!

Baron Balfour is a giant of a man, wounded by the death of his wife.

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Will he terrify her, or will she find the spirit to salve the wounded bear? Miss Fleet, on her way to join her dear Felicity and her husband, is still fearing that she may be a burden to them. She meets Baron Balfour on the road, and after an accident to her only gown, finds out that she resembles his dead wife in stature when he offers her a change of clothes.

But the shock of seeing Euphemia in the gown brings on an old illness, and she is forced by her kindly nature to stay with him, though his loud voice and blunt conversation terrifies her. Something stirs in Euphemia as they become acquainted, and she, who has always dreamed of a respectable home of her own, finds she wants more, much more than his grief could ever give her… Shocked and appalled, she travels on to her friend. But will the Baron let her be? This time, Serena flees, but finds herself stranded and near penniless.

Believing herself barren, Serena initiates a passionate encounter with her rescuer. Alasdair Penhallow, laird of his clan and master of Castle Tadgh, is forced to end his carefree bachelorhood, thanks to an ancient decree that requires him to marry. But for the women who love them, a hint of danger only makes the heart beat faster. Gavin St. But he fully intends to do everything in his power to undo years of neglect and give the people who depend on him a better life.

All of England rejoiced on her wedding day. But Judith vowed that her husband would get only what he took from her! At the flower-bedecked altar, the first touch of their hands ignited an all-consuming passion. Gavin Montgomery looked deep into her golden eyes and burned with desire for her…but his heart had been pledged to another. To do so twice takes a woman like Julianne Baxter. The chit is as much trouble as her red hair suggests, and just as captivating.

An occasional thank you would suffice; instead, his resentful sibling forges his name to a marriage license and presents him with an unwanted wife.

books – Vanessa Riley’s Regency Reflections

He needs an heir—which means he needs a wife. Thousands of readers have already fallen in love with the Briarleys — a scandalous family whose final descendants must do whatever it takes to secure their legacy. Grayson Danforth, Duke of Warrick, was banished from England by his father when his propensity for pain was discovered.

The only reason he returned was because his father and two older brothers were killed, requiring him to take up the title. Chicago is burning And Lucy Hathaway is running for her life. As she rushes past a fine hotel engulfed in flames, a wrapped bundle tumbles from a window into her arms. Seconds later the building crumbles—and Lucy is astonished to discover the swaddled blanket contains a baby. A hopeless romantic… Veronique Daventry absolutely believes in true love. A notorious rogue… Lord Miles Worthing is surprised when he is ushered to a chapel on a visit to Scotland and finds a beautiful woman.

From the superbly gifted Sherry Thomas comes this beautifully written romance about a marriage of convenience that turns inconveniently passionate… Felix Rivendale, the Marquess of Wrenworth, is The Ideal Gentleman, a man all men want to be and all women want to possess.

Even Felix himself almost believes this golden image.

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But underneath is a damaged soul soothed only by public adulation. Louisa Cantwell needs to marry well to support her sisters. Fueled by the knowledge that notoriety is better than failure, witty, unconventional Josie does what no proper young lady should—she challenges fate. She discards her corset and flirts outrageously. She attends the horse races and allows an arrogant rakehell to whisk her behind the stables for a surreptitious kiss.

Too proud to wait tables, Marie was penniless and stuck. Bad Boy baseball star Adam was on a tight leash with the courts.

They are physically strong and mentally tough, disciplined and courageous. Maybe he likes playing the hero. Set against a sweeping canvas of political conspiracies, the Marquelle Green Tamryn decides to marry…making an alliance with an influential family and consolidating her position among her peers. So she fastens a defiant Jorlan Reynard to her house and to her bed. And so the Ritual of Proof begins…for both of them. Three Brothers. One Oath. No Compromises. All Lara Boone wants is a name for her baby. In the sixth novel of the enchanting Rhymes With Love series from New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Boyle, a nobleman falls in love with a beautiful spy he must protect… Lord Rimswell is a man of honor and absolutes.

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If he says something is impossible, it is. My name is Rachel. I think.

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  4. I also have a mountain of student loans and a smart mouth. It was only party banter! My off-the-cuff idea might not be so terrible. We get along as friends. But to get the all-important controlling shares of the company, he does need a wife. Wicked intrigue unfolds as an unlikely marriage leads to a path of risky desire in the lush, green Scottish Highlands. One Daring Widow In the social whirl of Regency England, Elizabeth Chudderley is at the top of every guest list, the life of every party, and the belle of every ball. But her friends and admirers would be stunned to know the truth: that the merriest widow in London is also the loneliest.

    Miss Grace Fairchild is under no illusions about her charms. Jude Bertrand is not an excellent dancer. Nor does he wear the most fashionable coats. Desperately in need of the money, Esther agreed. A scandal of their own making Nikolai Cunningham has kept his family history secret for seventeen years. So when photographer Emma Sanders is granted exclusive access to his childhood home, he returns to Russia to ensure it stays hidden.

    But when his mother dies and he finds himself saddled with her debts, he needs a wife and he needs one fast.

    A Proper Companion

    An exacting Englishwoman… Lady Cordelia knows that hastiness in husband hunting leads to mistakes. Injured in a riding accident ten years ago, Nell was left with a fiance who abandoned their engagement, a slight limp, terrifying nightmares, and the firm belief that she will never marry. But now that Lord Alexander Mallory has won a Scottish estate in a hand of cards, he is the unlikely laird of the wild, snowy Bonniebroch.

    Worse yet, the ancient pile of stones comes with a betrothal. To a fiery red-headed virgin. And a curse. Successful career woman Asuka Takanashi has an old-fashioned dream of getting married and becoming a housewife. After her long-term boyfriend breaks up with her to pursue his own career goals, she encounters popular newscaster Ryu Nanami. Asuka and Ryu get along well, but the last thing he wants is to ever get married. This levelheaded pair who want the opposite things in life should never get involved, except…. She needs a husband by Christmas, or the holidays will ring in nothing but ruin.

    Practical, ambitious mill owner Dante Hartwell offers to marry Joan, because a wellborn wife is his best chance of gaining access to aristocratic investors. Factory mechanic Duke Crawford just wants to watch SportsCenter in peace. The only way out?


    Marry huge, gruff, gladiator look-alike Duke—for show, of course. Love begets madness. But when his sire arranges to marry flame-haired fortune hunter Portia Gadstone, Locke is compelled to take drastic measures to stop the stunning beauty from taking advantage of the marquess. A marriage of mutual pleasure could be convenient, indeed. Desperation forced Portia to agree to marry a madman. In an unforgettable debut, Lisa Berne introduces you to the Penhallow Dynasty—men destined to marry, but hesitant to love.

    Joss McNab needs a wife. A marriage for protection in the midst of a wartime retreat becomes the passion of a lifetime in this classic Signet Regency Romance from Carla Kelly. Once the flames are ignited. Miranda Ellis is a woman tormented. Plagued since birth by a strange and powerful gift, she has spent her entire life struggling to control her exceptional abilities.

    They will burn for eternity. Lord Benjamin Archer is no ordinary man. Valoree no longer has to masquerade as her murdered brother and scourge the oceans as Captain Red. She no longer has to command his pirate band in a quest to regain his birthright. She has been named heir to Ainsley Castle. The population is beset by shapeshifters and portents, landscapes that migrate, uncanny allies who are not quite human…and enemies eager to take advantage of the chaos.

    The Rogues of Regent Street With her trademark sensuality and dazzling storytelling, Julia London brings us the Rogues of Regent Street, three dashing, aristocratic gentlemen whose scandalous exploits are the talk of the ton. Adrian Spence, Earl of Albright, has earned his notoriety on the dueling field, an din the finest drawing rooms-and boudoirs-of England.

    A marriage in name only… To save her family home, impulsive bookstore owner, Alexa Maria McKenzie, casts a love spell. England, Miss Adeline Hays is out of options. Instead, Adeline accidentally enters the wrong chamber and tumbles into the bed of the mad duke. Edmond Rochester, the duke of Wolverton, is seeking a wife to care for his two daughters. Now serving as companion to the stern Lady Bournaud, she leads a quiet life and attends to her duties as a kind of penance. But Lady Bournaud, trying to make amends for her own selfish ways, is opening her country estate to a few select guests for the holidays— including the man Beatrice wronged so many years ago.

    Victoria Hamilton is the pseudonym of nationally bestselling romance author Donna Lea Simpson. She now happily writes about vintage kitchen collecting, muffin baking and dead bodies in the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries and Merry Muffin Mystery series. Besides writing about murder and mayhem, and blogging at Killer Characters , Victoria collects vintage kitchen wares and old cookbooks, as well as teapots and teacups.

    You can find out more about Victoria Hamilton at her website, as well as on Facebook and Pinterest. I cheered at the end! Baxter, the Marquess of Sedgely, was given to dark moods and an uncertain temper that doomed his marriage. Finding relief in travel, he spent five years gallivanting the Continent and has now returned to London with a comely young mistress—and a dangerous secret.

    Cavalier about his safety, he discovers a far greater concern— for just one look at Emily stirs a realization that while his life may be in danger, it is his heart that faces a more immediate peril. When she finally finds herself free of her mother and in sole possession of Lark House, she relishes the sense of decorum and freedom it gives her.

    Etienne is a self-avowed rake, and even now is on the run from ruthless adversaries who accuse him of trying to murder a marquess and seduce his wife. Following a stabbing that nearly claimed his life, he finds sanctuary on the land of an unfamiliar estate, hoping to recover and evade capture. But when the lady of the house turns out to be none other than the lovely and innocent Lady May, his feels his heart stir even as his body is gripped by pain and the fear that she will renounce him.

    As May nurses Etienne back to health and learns the truth of his supposed crimes, along with a much-needed education on the relations between men and women, a burning desire smolders between the two opposites, and soon they will be forced to trust each other and their feelings in order to save one life and two hearts. But now another man has asked for her hand in marriage and, unsure if she is ready to commit to him, she agrees to accompany her beautiful cousin Arabella on a trip to visit friends so she can take time to think it over.

    As his dreams are invaded by the terrors of war he becomes a sleepless shell of a man, and as his torment grows he begins to wonder if marriage to the lovely Arabella will help restore him again. A wonderful heart-wrenching and romantic tale. When a titled gentleman many decades her senior proposes, Arabella resigns herself to a loveless but secure marriage— even as her eye, and her heart, keep returning to the ruggedly handsome and most unacceptable Marcus Westhaven. Marcus, an adventurer just back from years exploring the Canadian wilderness, is the most unconventional man proper society has ever tolerated, and penniless to boot.

    With an amused and defiant smirk, he makes no pretense about his scorn for the shallowness and money-hungry ways of the ton — until he finds himself fighting an undeniable attraction to the very beautiful and very proper Arabella, a woman who is the embodiment of everything he despises. With Arabella on the verge of making a disastrous marriage and Marcus torn between his principles and his passion, the two are bound by a growing desire that can only lead to heartbreak and scandal.

    And as their passion flares, they must open their hearts to the realization that no matter how sincere their intentions, denying their long-held beliefs may be the only way for them to find true and lasting love. This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Belle of the Ball. Lord Hardcastle has led a debauched and dissolute life, taking pleasure from women at his whim and shrewdly breaking the fortunes of lesser men in the gambling dens.